Thekkady Tour Packages

Kerala is surely one of the best destinations for vacation, honeymoon tours and family trips due to its mesmerizing beauty and lush greenery all around. There is a number of popular destinations that witnesses thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Backwaters of Kerala are also renowned to deliver some of the best moments of life in houseboats and boat cruising amidst greenery. But if you want to fulfill your travel to Kerala with the collection of most wonderful moments in your life then the hills of Thekkady are the place that can complement your expectations in the best way.

Thekkady, one of the most visited and renowned places of Kerala offers stunning scenic beauty of nature on the hills. It is also known to be the dreamland of nature lovers as well as enthusiasts of wildlife adventures. The wide range of activities that can be done in Thekkady offers good moments for families, kids, and couples.

Best things to do in Kerala tour

 Kerala travel exotica can provide you the most preferred slots in the Thekkady tour packages which include Wildlife safari in Periyar Wild Life sanctuary, boat ride in Periyar Lake and also the best trekking and mountain walks on the beautiful hills as well.  We also provide assistance in choosing the best options from the activities enlisted in our packages.

  1. Boating tours in Thekkady: - More than the mind-blowing and eye-pleasing sceneries of the hills, the Periyar Lake is infamous in southern India for boat rides. Boating is probably one of the most popular things that one should surely experience while visiting Thekkady. Starting from incredible Houseboats that provide all kinds of luxurious facilities to the boats to explore the backwaters, witness the fishing and wildlife, everything is favorable for vacations. With all these impeccable activities, this becomes one of the topmost activities that you should ensure to be in the list of your Kerala Tour Packages.
  2. Hiking in Thekkady: - Thekkady offers the stunning beauty of the hills and borders while hiking that can never be found elsewhere across the globe. Wildlife conservation treks are also offered to the hikers in the presence of armed forest guard which is one of the best experiences in the most pleasant weather conditions of Kerala. In this trek, you can also spot hundreds of colorful species of birds and animals besides capturing the best possible moments in the lap of nature that will leave you to mind-boggling.
  3. Bamboo rafting in Periyar Lake: - If you don’t prefer the noisy and crowded boat trip on Periyar Lake then bamboo rafting is a proper alternative for your preferences. You can also raft across the lake instead of bamboo rafting but rafting on bamboo has its own way of adventure that one can never regret. An armed forest ranger, as well as an experienced guide, are also provided to every batch to ensure their safety all along their cruise around the backwaters.
  4. Elephant rides in Periyar Park: - The Periyar Tiger Park is also known for spice plantations as well as huge-sized elephants. Riding on these elephants in the forest and looking at the world from the top is one of the experiences that one should surely give a try. Photo sessions and elephant feeding are also some of the activities that one shouldn’t miss at any cost if you want to stay close to nature.
  5. Jeep Safari: - Off the track activities amidst forests of Kerala and lush greenery all around is also one of the most to-do activities which should surely be enlisted in the Kerala tour packages. A Jeep Safari to Gavi in Thekkady includes exploring dense forests, waterfalls, spice plantations, and green vegetation. If you won’t prefer the stressful hiking activity then Jeep Safari is the best substitute for that with the same moments that you can cherish forever.

Besides all these most popular activities, sightseeing tours, tribal walks, and nature walk in Thekkady is the most preferred ones that one must include in the list of Kerala tour packages. After all the exploring and nature walks across the insanely beautiful nature of Thekkady, accommodation facilities and street food, as well as sea food delicacies delivered by the state, is also one of the must-try things after entering the Kerala borders.

Best time to visit Thekkady

Kerala is an evergreen place to have a pleasant vacation, honeymoon trips and family tours due to the most pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. This is the reason that Kerala travel exotica offers a wide range of Kerala Tour Packages based on several factors and preferences. Customizable packages are also offered at a cost-effective price.

Besides arranging all kinds of facilities with respect to the picked packages we also ensure that the places are perfectly suited at the time of your visit. However, October to February is considered to be the best time to visit Thekkady as the weather is pleasant and also cool which not only makes it perfect for pleasant vacation but also enhances the beauty of nature to a whole new level. IN this season, the temperature goes up to 15°c which is known to be the best time for wildlife Safaris and mountain trekking to witness the natural beauty of Thekkady. Also, many festivals take place in this season which can complement your vacation to a greater extent.

On the other hand, Summertime from March to May is also one of the favorable seasons in Thekkady, but in quite another way. If you want to experience the luxurious and exciting life of Kerala with utmost privacy and pleasant weather conditions then this time is probably the best ones.

Vacation trips in this season are considered one of the most favorable ones and most tourists visit Kerala in this season as the maximum temperature recorded in just 36°c which is relaxing when compared to other parts of the country. If you prefer water sports activities and rich greenery then June to September is also one of the most favorable ones with extreme lush greenery all around.