Kerala Pilgrim

Kerala Monuments & Pilgrim Centres

Kerala has some world known pilgrim centres and colonial remains. It has relation with all major religions of the world since those communities emerged. Unlike other states in India, Kerala has a large portion of Christian as well as Muslim population in the state. There were three prominent kingdoms in Kerala like Malabar, Kochi & Travancore. So they have contributed so many Kerala Monuments like various palaces on each Kingdom, their temples and Residential buildings. Today almost all these buildings are attracting tourist to Kerala. Kerala Pilgrim Centers are still having a living culture & Tradition of mutual relationship & assimilation.

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam is the Temple of art and culture, its Indias best classical cultural centre located in Trissur District near Shornur. The great training centre is established, in 1930 on the shore of River Nila. It's main objective is to revive, preserve and develop the traditional art form of Kerala, particularly Kathakali, the dance drama of Kerala. It promotes classical as well as traditional folk dances, drama, music, instruments etc. It has been producing world known artists last 70 years of its immense traing and practices. Late Poet Vallathol is the Founder of Kerala Kalamandalam & he spent his whole life for the development of this cutiuralk centre.

Guruvayur Temple Kerala

Guruvayur Temple is situated in 50 kms north of Thrichur. It is among India's most important Hindu pilgrimage centre and is also known as the Dwaraka of the South. The Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, which attracts thousands of pilgrims is said to date prior to the 16th century. Tradition has it that Guru-the preceptor of the Devas, and Vayu-the Lord of the Winds created the temple. The temple is dedicated to Krishna known here as Guruvayurappan or the Lord of Guruvayur, the extreme grounds of Punnathur Kotta near Guruvayoor houses around 100 elephants. The building was once the palace of a provincial chieftain Punnathur Nambidi.

Aranmula Temple Kerala

Aranmula temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna is another pilgrim place for Hindus in Pathanamthitta district. The temple Aranmula can be reached from Chengannur on the Thiruvananthapuram - Kottayam route. A major attraction is the snake boat races held as part of the Uthrettathi festival in August/September. Aranmula is famed for its hand-made mirrors of polished metal called the "Aranmula Kannadi". .

Sabarimala Temple Kerala

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala is one of the most ancient and prominent Sastha temples in the country. Located inside the dense forest of Western ghats & one has to climb 18 gold plated steps to get in to the temple even after long travel through the forest. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is one of the few Hindu temples in India that is open to all faiths. The shrine of Sabarimala is one of the most remote shrines in southern India yet it still draws three to four million pilgrims each year. Surrounded by mountains and dense forest Sabarimala is believed to be the place where Ayyappan meditated. Perhaps the best known pilgrimage destination in Kerala is Sabarimala. Devotees have to undergo fasting and to follow certain temple norms for the period of 41 days before the visit of temple.

Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple Kerala

The famous siva temple is located on the shore of Valapattanam River in south Kannur famous for the traditional and the Daily performance of Theyyam . Its one of the most visited temples of northen Kerala and both believers and tourists are interested to visit the temple, Theyyam and the nearest attractions like Snake park, Vismaya amusement Park etc.

Padmanabhapuram Palace & Temple

Pasmanabhapuram palace is located at Thuckalai in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, (65 kms south of Thiruvananthapuram this former palace of Travancore is a splendid example of Kerala architecture. It is a protected monument of the Kerala State Archaeology Department. The palace is noted for its excellent wood architecture and murals. Padmanbhapuram temple is Kerala’s largest temple which is located in the heart of Trivandrum city.

St. Sebastian Church

Portuguese missionaries established one of the most important pilgrim centres of the Christians in Kerala, popularly known as St. Sebastian Church, 22 kms; north of Alleppey. This church is near Sherthallai. The feast of St. Sebastian is held here every January.

Bekal Fort Kerala

Bekkal Fort is largest and the best-preserved fort in Kerala, Bekal Fort, in Kasaragod, is 16 km south on the National Highway. The beautiful Bekal beach with the historic and archaeologically significant fort in the background is now being developed, into an international tourist destination. Earlier it was part of the kingdom of Ikkeria Naiks, provincial rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire. In the late 18th century Tipu Sultan captured it. An old mosque near the fort is believed to have been built by the Mysore forces. After the British overthrew him, the fort came under the East India Company.

Mattanchery Palace/ Dutch Palace Kochi

Mattanchery Palace was a palace built for the Raja of Kochi in1552 AD by the Portuguese in Cochin and is a best example of Kerala architecture. But posterity remembers this monument as the Dutch Palace, mainly because it was renovated and re-built by the Dutch East India Company. The palace has beautiful murals and a remarkable display of old Palanquins and armory of that era.

Hill Palace Museum (Ernakulam)

Hill Palace Museum is the largest Historical museum in India displays the erstwhile wealth and prosperity of the royal family of Cochin, including the king's throne and crown. Also on display are other trapping of royalty like majestic beds, paintings, carving and samples of epigraphy. Tripunithura is also known for the nearby Chottanikkara Temple and the Tripunithura Temple.

Jewish Synagogue (Mattancherry)

Jewish Synagogue in Mattanchery was built in 1568 AD, the great scrolls of the Old Testament, the copper plates in which the grants of privilege made by the Kerala rulers Bhaskara Varma in A.D 1000 and the exquisite Chinese hand painted tiles are of interest. No two tiles are alike and are two hundred years old. There are also several finely wrought gold and silver crowns gifted to the synagogue by various patrons.

Arackal Palace & Kannur Fort

The Arackal Palace is the sole Royal household of Muslims in Kerala. It is located at Kannur and now its the centre of Kerala state folklore . arackal palace had good relation with the other kingdom & traders from Middle east and Persia.

Bolgatty Palace

Built by the Dutch in 1744, the Bolghatty palace in Ernakulam is on an island, off Cochin in the Arabian Sea. The building was once a Governor's palace for the Dutch and later the home of the British Residents. Today, this is one of the prestigious hotels of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

Cheraman Juma Masjid

Cheraman Juma Masjid in Kodungalloor (Kerala) is the first mosque in India. It was built in 629 A.D. and resembles a temple in appearance.

Malayatoor church

Malayatoor is one of the most prominent Christian pilgrim centers of Kerala located in Eranakulum district. The Malayatoor Church of Cochin attracts a large number of devotees from not just Kerala, but also all over India. St. Thomas the Apostle was the one who took initiative to begin a Christian community in Kerala. He also set up the church here which has been designated by the Vatican as an International Shrine. It is believed that St. Thomas held prayer at this church when he landed in Kerala. The hilltop church is located 15 km away from the town of Kalady. Malayatoor and Kodanad villages are located on the opposite banks of the Periyar River with unspoiled and rustic views of the surroundings.

Ananthapuram Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake temple is the only one in its kind in Kerala. The temple is surrounded with green water and beautiful mural paintings bring more beauty to it. The temple is 15 kilometer north of Kasaragod district. A living crocodile in the lake is another attraction that eats vegetables and feedings from the temple people.

Plakkad Fort

Palakkad for is still remains beautiful, just one kilometre away from the town. The gigantic laterite stone made fort is built by Tippu Sulthan. It’s a major picnic spot in the district and the particular fort is maintained and protected by archaeological survey of India.

Vadakkumnatha Temple

World famous Trichur Pooram is celebrated at Vadakkumnatha temple every year. Vadakkumnatha temple is the centre of Trichur Town and being the best example of Typical Kerala Architecture.