Alleppey Boat House Packages

Alleppey’s backwater is renowned all over the country and even globally as the most beautiful water body with eye-pleasing lush greenery all around. With the holiday tours to honeymoon and family trips to the temples, tourists make sure to experience the boat ride on the backwater once in a lifetime. After the monsoon season ends, massive tourist count is witnessed in Kerala in every popular destination. 

On the other hand, travel to Kerala is considered incomplete without giving a try to the cruising experience on backwaters and tasting the extreme seafood delicacy in the houseboats. If you are planning for a vacation or a honeymoon trip to Kerala, then an overnight stay in the houseboat of the traditional Allappuzha can surely enhance your experience to a great extent. However, if you want to have the best boat rides in Alleppey then you should surely prefer a professional assistance to help you cover all the popular cruising spots.

We, Kerala Travel exotica can be the best choice for all travelers to southern India with the best houseboat packages that suit all kinds of preferences and lifestyles. Starting from the budget kind to the deluxe and luxurious one, we offer all kinds of packages for cruising in houseboats.

What can be expected from our services?

  • Assistance for travel plans: - Our travel experts and experienced planners in Alappuzha can help you breakdown the map of Kerala for the most popular and suitable hotspots that can meet your requirements. Travel planning takes many essential factors into count which includes duration, budget, and preferences, etc so that all your expectations are perfectly matched with our real-time services. With several options in Alleppey’s Houseboat packages, we also provide customizable options as per the preferences of our customers as per their own interests.
  • Filtering the most suitable destinations: - We have the selected options for all popular houseboat destinations on backwaters which includes renowned places like Kumarakom, and Vembanad Lake. Various destinations based on preferences such as perfect sceneries, convenience, and timings are considered to get the best options.
  • Best houseboat packages for different seasons: - We refer to the destinations based on the seasons and climatic conditions that vary from April to June. July to September and October to Mid March. The type of houseboats that complement the experience well on backwaters is also recommended which varies from sizes, shapes, and prices as well. Unbeatable houseboat rates accompanied by facilities with no compromises make us the best companion for the travelers looking for boating experiences in Kerala.
  • Selection of the most favorable areas and routes: - The backwaters of Kerala are comprised of several canals and lagoons where houseboats can sail providing the mesmerizing and eye-pleasing views all around amidst greenery. In the beautiful and most relaxing nature, the houseboats can also offer you a pleasant time to spend with your loved ones and family members as well.
  • Delicious houseboat food: - Seafood of Kerala and mainly the backwaters are renowned to be the most delicious food cuisine that you can never find elsewhere in the country. Starting from the signature fish dishes of Kerala to some delicious crabs, you can have the best meal of your life on the houseboats of Alappuzha.
  • Houseboat cruising based on the duration of stay: - The price of staying in houseboats in Kerala backwaters is based on the duration. Day trips, one night stay, a two-night stay, and two-night stays are some of the offers provided in houseboats. If you prefer to capture the beautiful moments and have some incredible seafood meals on the boat then a day trip can make your day amazing on the water. Night trips in the luxurious houseboats with all facilities are also available for one night and two nights stay so that you can explore the whole backwaters at your own convenience.

About the Kerala house boating experience

One can choose from a wide range of houseboats varying in its prices before booking. We also recommend going through the people reviews so that you can trust on our services for Kerala Houseboat booking. You can also choose from private houseboats, shared one and large ones that can provide accommodations for larger families as well. Different houseboat packages are provided in this scenario that helps you to choose from these options before you make a booking. Besides, there are few things that can complement your ride to Kerala for house boating experience, of which some are

  • Enjoy the peaceful time with your near and dears: - Being on the water in the houseboat with your loved ones or family members is one of the best time one can ever have. Far from the city sounds and near to the lap of nature, the houseboat is one of the most exotic spots to spend some quality time with near and dears.
  • Capture the scenic beauty of Kerala: -Alleppey delivers the best of natural beauties that make it feel like a wonderland that you have either seen in fictional movies or in dreams. The unreal beauty of the seaways is something one can never miss while visiting Alappuzha. This is the reason that thousands of tourists return back to the state every time they visit India.
  • Visit all the popular places from water: - Besides having fun with your friends and family members you can also get to see the popular destinations that are renowned on backwaters.
  • Enjoy the accommodations on water: - The facilities provided on houseboat make you feel like home with every amenity required for a lifestyle.
  • Have the delicious seafood: - Seafood of Kerala and mainly on houseboat receives appreciation from all across the globe that one must try.

Kerala travel exotica is aimed at providing the best house boating experience to every traveler that maybe for holiday, honeymoon or else family tours which can favor your preferences and also surpass your expectations for the holiday spent in Kerala on houseboats.